Road Inspection System

SM-RIS is a highly precise three-dimensional measurement system especially developed with advanced laser technology. Our system is capable to detect measure and compute all the functional parameters in a single scanning.

This system able to automatically detect parameters like cracking, roughness, potholes, rutting, and etc., This scanner housing is mounted on the inspecting vehicle and performs the three dimensional scanning on the road. It’s built with GPS for finding location where the problem is identified.

Our system acquires both 3D and 2D image data’s of the road surface with 1 mm resolution over 4 m lane width at survey speeds up to 100 km/h. system gives accurate measurement in parameter dimensions and there depth on the roads and also give some information like cross way, pave stones and etc.

The intelligent and innovative solution accelerates road maintenance operations. The measurement system by SENMAX is applicable for inspecting the containers, and ensures safety as well.

  •   Exact identification of misalignments
  •   Three dimensional surface measurement
  •   Able to find the depth of cracks
  •   Location identification also simplified through GPS
  •   High speed inspection
  •   Accurate dimension measurement of parameters
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