Boom Anti Collision System

Boom Collision Prevention System for Container Handling STS/Quay Crane.

In all port operations efficient handling and safety become more important, for this our laser-based products help to enhance the productivity and reducing claim costs.

To avoid collisions between the crane boom and vessel superstructure, our laser scanners can be installed in such a way that horizontal surveillance fields are created under the boom. If any structures are detected within the surveillance fields during the crane’s gantry drive, a warning message with alarm signal or, in emergency cases, an automatic stop will be generated. The laser scanner provides a quantity of parallel available field sets such that, with the same scanner, next-to-boom collision prevention as well crane-to-crane collision prevention can be provided. Our sophisticated solutions, in combination with the laser scanner, provide high diagnostic coverage of the laser scanner functions and scanning field position at any time.

The system is very compact, installation in the crane’s structure is easy and modular, and only one device is used covering 3 lanes below the crane. Maintenance is minimum or non-existent.

  •   The independent self-testing system ensures secure operation due to excellent diagnostic capabilities
  •   Reliable, industry-proven laser scanner with enhanced diagnostics for outdoor applications
  •   Individually definable surveillance areas around crane boom
  •   Prevention of significant damages, crane down-times and injuries
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Port Boom Anti Collision System, Boom Collision Prevention System
Port Boom Anti Collision System, Boom Collision Prevention System