RTG Crane Collision Prevention

LASER based RTG Crane Collision Prevention System in Container Yard

PM-RCPS system consisting of a 4 no’s 2D LiDAR sensor and a controller. The 2D LiDAR sensor helps prevent collisions between the crane and other objects along the crane's path as well as assists the crane operator in monitoring the route to be traveled and during cross travel.

To avoid collisions between the RTG crane and any object, our laser scanners can be installed in such a way that horizontal surveillance fields with small tilt towards ground. In Surveillance fields Warning Zone & Danger Zone are customizable with respect to site conditions.

If any object detected within the surveillance fields during the crane’s gantry drive, a warning message with alarm signal will be produced locally & same can be transmitted to remote monitoring station as per customer request, and also digital IO’s are available to interface with existing PLC.

Our sophisticated solutions, in combination with the laser scanner, provide high diagnostic coverage of the laser scanner functions and scanning field position at any time.

  •   The independent self-testing system ensures secure operation due to excellent diagnostic capabilities.
  •   Reliable, industry-proven laser scanner with enhanced diagnostics for outdoor applications.
  •   Applicable for all truck/trailer types
  •   Individually definable surveillance areas around crane
  •   In built automated self-test system
  •   Prevention of significant damages, crane down-times and injuries
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