Truck Positioning System

Truck / Chassis Positioning System for Quay Crane Container Loading & Unloading .

PM-TPS Helps terminal trucks position below STS Cranes for faster operation. Crane Truck Positioning allows terminal trucks to reach the optimal position for a correct loading or unloading process under the spreader, for every lane and any entry direction. This system especially developed with advanced LASER technology for highly precise measurements.

A laser scanner is mounted on the fixed/rotatable platform, and the laser scans the truck and the container on the truck at the service lane, it gives distance deviation data. And these are used to guiding the driver for transfer the truck in to exact center position.

The system is very compact, installation in the crane’s structure is easy and modular, and only one device is used covering 3 lanes below the crane. Maintenance is minimum or non-existent.

An intuitive and easy to use software application acquires and shows all the relevant information such as distance, container type, positioning time and direction, or spreader position.

  •   Accelerated crane operations and productivity
  •   Useable for single or double spreader operations
  •   Exact truck positioning by state-of-the-art laser technology
  •   Supports fully automated container handling
  •   More safety by reduced labor activity below the crane
  •   Intelligent Self-diagnostic system alerts
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