Over Height Vehicle Detection System

Port Master – Over Height Vehicle Detection System.

PM -OHDS impacts to low clearance bridges, tunnels and overpasses cause significant damages to transportation infrastructure, create safety risks for the driver of the vehicle and other motorists on the roadways and often result in closure of the bridges for lengthy periods with costly repairs & make heavy risk at railway crossing with electric overhead line. Most importantly, severe or repeated hits may result in reduced design life of bridge structure resulting in untimely and extremely high replacement cost.

Our System uses state-of-the art laser technology which can with stand all weather conditions. Our system uses 2D laser scanner so evaluation of vehicle height is determined by validating numerous point cloud data points. So our system is capable of finding the maximum height of the irregular object also. Laser scanner continuously scans the desired lane and sends the data continuously to the controller. Our intelligent control units continuously processes the scan data and evaluate object height passes thru the scanner.

If over height vehicle is detected our control unit immediately generates the alert ,the same canbe communicated as desired to the concern team. The System can store three months incident data’s with in it. USB option is available.

  •   The independent self-testing system ensures secure operation due to excellent diagnostic capabilities
  •   Customizable with respect to site
  •   Reliable, industry-proven laser scanner with enhanced diagnostics for outdoor applications.
  •   Individually definable scan range
  •   Automated self-test cycles for the entire System
  •   Prevention of significant damages, road blocks and injuries.
  •   Requires Minimum Maintenance.
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