Heap Volume Measurement

3-Dimensional Heap Volume Measurement of Open yard Stockpile.

MM-HVM is a highly precise three-dimensional measurement system especially developed with advanced laser technology to calculate the open yard stock pile volume.

Based on the heap size one or more scanners are mounted on a unit, the unit is either a tall post or stacker or a reclaimer. This scanner is looking the heap from above and scans the heap profile. That gives the three-dimensional Scan profile data of the heap and it’s compared with a MASTER profile measurements. Then the system calculates the profile and volume precisely.

Our intelligent software system analyze the scan data and compute the 3-Dimensional scanned image in our software. MM-HVM is easy to integrate with the existing automated system.

Volume Scan can be done at any time manually and also automatic scheduling of measurement can be done. With respect to the site condition this system is completely tailor made.

  •   Real-time Stock Management
  •   Customizable with respect to site
  •   Rugged construction fits for all weather condition
  •   Accurate measurement details
  •   Helps in positioning the wagon
  •   Ease of integration with management software
  •   Intelligent Self-diagnostic system alerts
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