Bar Profile Measurement System

Precision in measurements are critical for controlling production costs of continuous processes. To address this important SENMAX came up with an advanced non-contact laser system to measure the Hot / Cold bar shape. IM-BPS is three dimensional system developed with advanced laser technology.

This system will give 1mm accuracy in measurements. Our system can able to measure the outer diameter, ovality and true shape of bars and billets and blooms. The system can be installed in both cold and hot rolling applications. This profile measurement system integrates up to 2/3 sensors for an accurate measurement of the true cross section and a Laser Doppler sensor measure the length the produced product.

This information is used to evaluate the quality of the product. These type of systems will only perform a correct measurement of the maximum dimension of the object like shape irregularities.

This intelligent and innovative solution accelerates dimension measurement in hot and cold bars .The measurement system by SENMAX is applicable for measuring the hot/cold bar, and also ensures the productivity.

  •   Reduction of waste due to non-conforming production
  •   Quick recognition of out of shape and dimension of product
  •   Deep insights provided by various types of trends and graphs
  •   Easy integration with existing control systems
  •   Non-contact – low maintenance
  •   Self-Diagnostic System
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Bar Profile Measurement System
Bar Profile Measurement System
Bar Profile Measurement System