Perimeter Protection System

Airports, car parks, gas and oil refineries, industrial complexes, power plants, prisons, railway depots, train stations and military establishments are just a few of the environments where it could be of critical importance for security personnel to have early warning that unwanted visitors are attempting to gain access to a restricted area. It could be a terrorist attack or just one or more criminals wishing to steal your valuable assets.

Either way the damage or disruption the intruders may cause could have a dramatic consequential effect on your ability to continue to run your business. There are many established methods of protecting the perimeter of a site, here we use 3D laser scanner for protection.

Our system gives a complete range of reliable and intelligent perimeter protection for both indoor and outdoor security needs. That system able to gives a different warning either it will be a visible or audible warning.

This system can operate day and night in all types of inclement weather and requires no maintenance. Types of intrusion include persons, ground vehicles, or aerial conveyance such as drones or UAVs.

  •   Real-time monitoring up to 270° and precise demarcation possible
  •   Insensitive to interference from movements outside of the monitoring field
  •   Easy adjustment to changes in monitoring conditions
  •   Shape of monitoring fields can be defined by user as required
  •   Separate alarm signals and camera control
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Safe perimeter, profile & volume measurement, profile and volume measurement
Safe perimeter, profile & volume measurement, profile and volume measurement
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