Port Master

The level of automation and safety in container terminals has increased considerably in recent years. Either it’s a manned or unmanned operation they depend heavily on recognition technology. SENMAX is the first company to develop the LASER based recognition technology solution for Container Terminal Industry inside INDIA itself.

Our applications works very well against the difficult conditions of the port terminal environment. However, the largest challenges concern not the hardware itself, but the application software – With our core software FalkenaugeTM & our FalkenPROTM controller makes things easier for the integration with existing system and operation.

With respect to the growing port industry requirement on automated and safer handling solutions we also have evolved with various applications. Our applications has played a significant part in enabling considerable and rapid improvement in total system performance.

Our solutions can be completely tailor made with respect to the site conditions & customer requirements. Moreover modification or up-gradation over the time made easier.

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